VSS Vintorez Preview

VSS Vintorez - product viz / hard surface

This is a detailed render of the Soviet / Russian special purpose sniper rifle Vintorez. It was modeled in Blender with a "manual" polygon modeling technique. It was a tough and lengthy modeling process, especially since I didn't have good enough reference pictures of the rifle. But in the end the model resulted quite exact.

The scope is an exact replica of the standard PSO-1 scope for sniper rifles. In addition I also rendered a set of 9x39mm subsonic cartridges that are used in this type of suppressed rifles.

The renders were made with Octane Render in a simple HDRI lighting environment.

Vespula Preview

Vespula - character / organic

Rendering of a Yellow-jacket wasp. The original model & render was created for the Yafaray Annual Competition 2011 - Insectum, where it won the first place.

Modeled in Blender, texture painting & postpro in GIMP, rendered with Yafaray and Octane, tonemapped with Luminance HDR. This was my first try at organic modeling and it was done with polygon "hand" modeling. The textures were also entirely hand painted for the purpose of this project. For a more detailed breakdown of the creation process, you can visit the work in progress thread at the Yafaray forum.

I then tried to reproduce the scene on the window with Octane Render, made an in-flight version (motion blur of wings done in post-pro) and a version where the wasp is chilling on a leaf covered in morning dew.

Karst Water Well Preview

Karst Water Well - exterior archviz

An exterior arch-viz of a house in the old Karst building style with the accompanying well. The well is the centerpiece object on the scene. The scene has heavy emphasis on stone material, which was the main arhitectural material of the Karst region. Grass is done with real geometry and thus the whole scene is heavy on RAM usage.

I used a daylight lighting mode to represent a sunny day, with some renders done in night mode trying to simulate dusk.

Created for the purpose of Octane New Year 2011 competition.

Desert treasure preview

Still Life - product-viz / various

A grouping of various renders that can be categorized as "still life" or product-viz. Created for personal learning, commercial & competition purposes and rendered with both Cycles and Octane.

The scene with the oranges and candles has placed second in a cgcookie competition.

NOTE: The Buddha stattuette is the only item not modeled by me.

Sanctuary preview

Oldies - product-viz / archviz / various

Various older renders from 2009 and 2010, from the period when I started to learn the CG trade. All of these have been rendered with Yafaray.

Yafaray is a free opensource raytracing engine, which main assets are a fast photon-mapping kernel, multitude of lighting options and easy to use high-level shaders. It's most used for still product-viz or arch-viz and can produce some really nice results. Yafaray comes with a powerfull Blender exporter script, which integrates the engine into the Blender workflow.

NOTE: The background image used in the Cactus render is from

Captain preview

Captain of the Guard - character modeling

Model of a knight in plate armor. Originally done for the Mixamo Fantasy War Competition.

First I created a high-poly model with polygon modeling technique and sculpting, then it was retopologized for a low-poly game version. Textures were also baked from the hi-poly version. The top two renders are the low-poly version, the rest are all presentational WIP scenes of the detailed version.

The lowpoly model is available for sale at turbosquid

Spetsnaz preview

Spetsnaz - character modeling / WIP

Model of a spetsnaz soldier character with realistic gear; ZSH-1-2M helmet, Gorka BDU, Vintorez rifle and a tactical vest. Created in Blender with polygon modeling & sculpting. Rendered with Octane Render.

NOTE: This is a work in progress project put on hold and thus the modeling, texturing and scene setup is not yet finalized.